Примери теста за пријемни испит
Енглески језик

Примери тестова за пријемни испит претходних година:


You are going to listen to a story about a new sport, Quidditch, inspired by novels about Harry Potter.

While you are listening, you can mark your answers on this sheet. You will have two minutes to read.through the questions before you hear the story. You will hear it three times.

Circle the correct answer.

1. Quidditch is a new sport:

  1. played only in the fantasy world.
  2. played only in the real world.
  3. intended only for the Premier League.
  4. originating from the world of magic.

2. According to the text:

  1. No-one new about Quidditch before 1997.
  2. Quidditch is an imaginary sport.
  3. Quidditch is now played only at colleges.
  4. One has to drive in order to play Quidditch.

3. According to the text, in Quidditch:

  1. there are no rules.
  2. you have to use your imagination to create rules.
  3. the rules of the game are not at all complicated..
  4. You have to have a lot of room for your legs.

4. College students started playing Quidditch in:

  1. 1987.
  2. 1997.
  3. 2011.
  4. None of the above.

5. The author of the text loves playing Quidditch because:

  1. it's a fun game.
  2. there are no rules.
  3. rules are constantly changing.
  4. None of the above.

2. GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY (30 minutes) 10 x 0.25 points

I Circle the correct answer:

6. The downtown area is charming.__________ streets are filled with unique shops.

It's Its Their There's

7. That muffin was delicious. I think I'll have________

it another one second

8. I have two books, so you can _______ if you need to.

borrow mine borrow my borrow your borrow me

9._______me in the morning and wake me up?

Must you to call Will you calling

Will you to call me Would you call

10. After the plane_________, the passengers are allowed to use their computers.

turns up takes up takes off turns off

11. Do you know _______ outside?

why having us to stand why we have to stand where do we have stand why have we to stand

12. Marissa is_______all her students' accomplishments.

proud on proud with proud of proud for

13. I went to ____doctor because _____stomach hurt.

the/the the/my -/a -/my

14._______did you use for the game?

Who's tennis racquet The tennis racquet of whose

Whose tennis racquet Whose is tennis racquet

15. Josh likes to drink _______coffee.

too hot most hot hottest very hot

II Circle the one underlined part that has a grammatical error. Write your correction above the error.5 x 0.25 points

16. The South American country of Uruguay is about the same size than the state of Washington in the United States.

17. The cloths that the local people in tropical countries wear are usually lightweight due to the climate.

18. While the police still do not know exactly what was happened, it is reported that two people have been arrested so far.

19. As soon as you reach home tomorrow, please call to let me know that you have arrived there safe.

20. The teacher informs Jeff and I that our essays are not up to her standards and that we will have to write them again.

III Read each sentence carefully. Look at the underlined part. If it is correct, circle C. If it is wrong, circle W. 5 x 0.25 points

  1. C W 21. In some countries, food is eating with chopsticks instead of a fork.
  2. C W 22. You must be exhausted from your long drive.
  3. C W 23. The directions that come with the DVD are very confused.
  4. C W 24. A bandage should be applied by someone to your wound.
  5. C W 25. When people get married, they promise loving each other faithfully.

3. READING COMPREHENSION (30 minutes) 5 x 1 points

You are going to read a text about what kind of buildings can survive in strong winds. Read the text and answer the questions which follow. Choose only one answer for each question and circle the letter in front of it.

How do you protect yourself from a tornado that reaches 2 miles wide with wind gusts above 200 miles per hour? Some scientists are looking into new structures built of carbon fiber, or underground "subscrapers," that could easily survive extreme weather disasters. But these constructs are still in the experimental stage and are ised mostly at military bases and other high-security facilities.

The typical American Midwestern family home depends on simpler architectural standbys. Since the 1980s, building codes in the American Midwest require that a house be able to withstand wind gusts up to 90 niles an hour. A standard stick frame house should be able to survive up to 100 miles per hour. For additional trength, you can reinforce the joints and connections in your house with metal clips, called "wind clips" or "hurricane clips". These might raise your house's durability another 5 or 10 miles per hour.

But what's that to a tornado like the monstrosity that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, levelling whole city blocks and killing what's believed to be at least 24 people? The use of wind clips would probably help educing the destruction that the tornado cut into Oklahoma City's suburbs, but the houses directly in the tornado's path could not be saved. The clips do nothing to address a house's key structural weakness: doors andwindows. Contrary to popular belief, opening your window during a tornado or hurricane is not a bad idea. The myth is that if a house's entrances are all sealed, the difference in pressure within and outside of the house could damage it.

The basement is relatively safer than the rest of the house, but the wind forces that blew off the roof could also blow off the first floor — in other words, the basement's ceiling — exposing anyone taking shelter down there to flying debris. TV news meteorologists say that the only safe place is below ground in a tornado, which is false. The safest place to be in a tornado is in an above-ground storm shelter.

26. According to the text, installing "hurricane clips" in a house will:

  1. save all the houses in the tornado path from destruction.
  2. slightly reinforce its structure.
  3. save a lot of money to insurance companies.
  4. None of the above.

27. The so-called "subscrapers" are now:

  1. built in every house in the USA.
  2. avoided in the American Midwest.
  3. developed by the Army for use in American homes.
  4. None of the above.

28. It is widely believed that you should:

  1. close several doors during a tornado.
  2. close all windows during a tornado.
  3. follow the hurricane path on TV.
  4. None of the above.

29. TV meteorologists advise people to:

  1. stay in the basement of the house
  2. stay on the first floor..
  3. leave the house exposed to the tornado.
  4. None of the above.

30. The tornado that hit the suburbs of Oklahoma City:

  1. was extremely strong.
  2. was more than two miles wide.
  3. destroyed all "wind clips" installed.
  4. killed hundreds of people